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Forged and falsified Medicare Australia entitlement and records with intent to pervert the course of justice by abuse of public office. It appears that's how immigrant physician, surgeon, hypnotist Mohamed Riyazuddin AHMED and his wife have made their fortune in Australia.

illegal implants

or plastic flowers & rubber dicks

In 2014 I was illegally imprisoned by criminal abuse of the State Mental Health Act (SA) in Adelaide AUSTRALIA. The order was overturned in State court but that took several months - intentionally on the part of the State. 

It took me (4) four more years before I was 'allowed' to know their claimed grounds to imprison me. Of the Freedom of Information Act discovered grounds none had any basis in law anywhere in Australia. Their terrorist excuses included:

  • BECAUSE - I'd written a letter to an unidentified "Minister" and no alleged content had been defined.

  • BECAUSE - I'd "published" an unidentified video on

  • BECAUSE - I'd "defamed" an unidentified person or persons.

  • BECAUSE - I'd "wasted" unidentified police resources with no definition of how I did that.

  • BECAUSE - I was "antisocial" with no defined definition of any behaviour.

  • BECAUSE - I'd "accused" an unidentified person in NSW Lasbor party State parliament of "sexual assault" - a matter that only happened in the accuser's wet dreams.

  • BECAUSE - I'd had my teeth removed (in a State hospital by a registered dental surgeon) some (40) forty years prior and therefore that means I may have implants removed from my person. THIS WAS OFFICIAL ONE IN TRIBUNAL. The one that resulted in the State Government "confirming" my imprisonment in 2014 South Australia.

The ambiguous inference (above) from kindergarten psychiatrist Richard Thomas TELFAR was that the illegal implants were in fact legal. This sinister modus operandi expands to South Australia State mental health worker Gregory ROBERTSON when he illegally invaded my privacy to go “fishing” in New South Wales to see if I had a NSW State mental health attendance record – because I'd added my name to the SA State housing waiting list on St Patrick's Day, 17 March 2006, months after I relocated from NSW to SA to get away from Goulburn NSW police Labor Party terrorists associated with the initial crime of my identity theft. Presumably in public officer ROBERTSON's mind if you “claim” to be a victim of Government terrorism in Australia that automatically means you have a mental illness – or he's a terrorist and he made an illegal terrorist conspiracy with others. I add that his entry states that there was “no record” so he started one at his place of employment - the SA Noarlunga emergency mental health service in the Onkaparinga City council area. The grounds he had for starting a mental health record in my name in on 17 March 2006 from FOI is thus:


“p/c (phone call) to Goulburn Mental Health Services they have no record of this lady in NSW under that name. NEMHS (Noarlunga emergency mental health services) unable to action any further involvement at this stage”

Inferring he intended to ensure something was criminally invented to justify further involvement. See photo of male female: Presumably that's grey bearded Greg Robertson wearing spectacles - he lives / lived local to me in Seaford Rise. No doubt he's been criminally defaming me hereabouts.

The photo under him is part of the redacted FOI SA State health record the Federal Government refuse to let me sue Labor Party and ROBERTSON after my illegal imprisonment in 2014.

My Whitestone Crescent SEAFORD RISE neighbours criminally defamed me further. One because he had a mother relative employed in State health department employee another across the road still resident for reasons and the actual "accusation" resulting in my being criminally harassed and my land criminally trespassed upon by State psychiatrists in 2016 and 2018 is known only to himself and his criminal conspirators as recorded in illegally redacted FOI records response. Right click for image in new tab.

They were joined by Party Faithful on the Facebook page "Onkaparinga Council Watch" headed by ex-councillor Yvonne WENHAM when I stood for election in 2018 before I had the FOI evidence. The 'general' theme is that I'm "crazy" because I "claim to have" illegal implants in my head.

RECAPPING: In 1989 my visual identity was stolen as the face of 1984 murder victim Leanne Walters.

In 1991 I suspected I'd been surgically raped as I woke one morning in my own bed when heavily pregnant to discover I had a cut and surgical stitches in the crevice of my derrière. In the next days I woke several more times to discover puncture wounds on my chest and around my head. There were other things that happened in the 1990s that caused me to suspect I'd been surgically raped but every time I went to my local physician to discuss them, they were dismissed as a fantasy. You can imagine how terrified I was for the safety of my unborn child and myself and my other children.

1994 NSW police detective Paul Shiels and two uniformed NSW police unlawfully imprisoned me and illegally threatened me with arrest for being Leanne Walters and faking that death in 1984. That person was advertised as being fourteen YEARS younger than myself. Not a mistake police could make if they had investigated their evidence instead of putting on a public display to terrify me with threat of arrest for the first time in my life aged thirty-eight.

1995-1999 the Government public officer illegal surgical rapes continued after I'd been elected to Wollondilly Shire Council. It's as if a political party organised my successful election as a Labor Party member so they could get access to me to surgically rape me further. I was illegally ejected from my elected position in 1999 without notice and the the right of reply or damages.

In 2006 and 2012 I had Medicare evidence that I had been surgically raped. In response the Government's health department public officers secretly diagnosed me as "delusional schizophrenic" many times and involving many public officers from 2007 to 2018. They persist in ignoring the Medicare evidence claiming it doesn't exist. How does a sane person deal with a government of people who are wilfully delusional for a political cause?

Interestingly the government have refused to address my stolen identity I've not been accused of mental illness over that. However, Goulburn NSW police detective Bernard Ryan threatened me with arrest if I persisted to insist the photo of me stolen for the BIA book was my face. He had me illegally arrested in 2004 because I complained another police detective's family had illegally broken into my residence after they admitted to doing it but falsely claimed lawful authority. I was imposed with a court ordered five-year apprehended violence order because I wrote a lawful complaint to police containing no violence threats or acts of any kind. This is the true Australia.

In 1997 the illegal implant in my the crevice of my derrière was linked to what appears to be a “pulse generator” overlaid with what feels like a small breast implant on both sides of my ribs and another illegal implant over my spine. The illegal small breast implant on the right side of my lower ribs painfully herniates between my ribs when I exercise my stomach muscles. I started complaining to physicians when it first started complaining to physicians when the herniations first begun to be informed the small breast implants were “natural fat”. What physician can't tell the feel of an artificial breast implant?

One notable Christies Beach physician born in Tasmania, Celia Emmaline TILDESLEY who by 2011-2012 had also refused to prescribe me penicillia for persistent ear infection caused by my skin melting in my ear canal as a result of the vibrations from the illegal implant next to my brain (above) and refused to refer me to an ENT specialist, TILDESLEY a government public officer by stealth as her medical centre had already signed the contract with government to run the GP PLUS SUPER CLINIC GP services in Noarlunga – decided my “false belief” I had been Wollondilly Shire Councillor Jenny Hall, was “part of my delusions”. Secretly referring me to psychiatrist Helen TINGAY mentioning the BIA book – which was the only time that was mentioned by this Government in South Australia's capitol city of churches and pretend Christians. TINGAY phoned me informing me I had an appointment with her. I cancelled it. She informed me “You can't cancel”. But refused to expand on that when I asked her “why”.

TILDESLEY had taken a phone call during my Medicare Australia consultation with her, as have the vast majority of physicians I've consulted – then they act differently towards me treating me with contempt it was a pattern I recognised early after my surgical rape. Clearly TILDESLEY and TINGAY and other private physicians were/are being organised by someone telling them what to do. Guaranteeing them impunity for my criminal defamation and criminal depravation of medical services. Funded by Medicare Australia with incentive from Government public officials to act as if 'someone else' literally owns me like a slave, controlling my physical medical services, ignoring my basic human rights of self-determination in 21st century Australia. Its all clearly documented in Government records I accessed in 2018 and many private medical records where they claim I'm “mentally ill” because I “believe” I have illegal implants – despite the evidence that actually proves I do have illegal implants.

The evidence of who is part of that terrorist planning comes from the face I saw in 1997 when I awoke during an illegal surgery (rape) in agony and paralysed unable top scream as someone was pushing a cable into my nose skin. I saw the face of my private physician and surgeon and hypnotist, India born Mohamed Riyazuddin AHMED – a resident of the Wollondilly Shire on a multi-million dollar property on or near Mount Hercules Rd Razorback, NSW 2571. Refer to page:

  • Governments FAKE Bikie Murder


I suspect his wife was ENT Ms Hashita PANT whom I'd consulted in 2012 and who requested the MRI scan of my head that disclosed the undiagnosed and ignored – rather large screw shaped illegal implant inside my skull between my left ear and brain. (see image 2006 and 2012 MRIs) AHMED exposed himself in 2013 and 2014 as the illegal implant rapist and immigrant terrorist by making a number of criminally fraudulent Medicare Australia claims involving myself alleging face to face consultation with me in NSW and after I'd been illegally imprisoned by the State in January 2014. Desperate move by a desperate terrorist aligned with public officers in the Government of the State of South Australia and New South Wales health departments. And the department of the State Premier. Proved on the documents published in this website and my files. So why haven't the NSW police “fixated persons unit” arrested Mohamed Riyazuddin AHMED? That's be because they – NSW POLICE department heads are aligned with politically motivated terrorists and enemies of Australia.

I repeat the absurdity that exists in my country. The pandemic of political delusions or terrorist conspiracy amongst Australian physicians who insist the screw shaped illegal implant in my head simply does not exist or refuse to identify exactly what it is to protect the terrorists responsible for its placement and ongoing funding to keep it “vibrating” communicating my personal (intellectual copyright) data from my person back to their base.


If it comes from an action of my brain its copyrighted under Australia's Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

MRI 2006 2012 25mm screw infection AHMED.png
2006 & 2012 MRI Screw Infection JOIN-COL.png
2012-07-12 and 17 LABOR SA Premier Weatherill  _1.png
2014-03-07 Anti-social & Litigious  Noarlunga Nazis.png

Australia State employed registered psychiatrists couldn't recognize persons who are criminally insane because they'd be looking for someone different from themselves.

2014-01-22 C NSW State Medicare Fraud - Ahmed _1.png
Card 2020 Medicare Terrorist Acts 100pc.png
2014-01-22 A State Election Medicare  FRAUD  _1.png
Terrorist Greg ROBERTSON photo 2006 NEMHS.png
Terrorist Greg ROBERTSON 2006 NEMHS.png
MOIR Janette Anne Litigious Antisocial Defamation.png

Plastic Flowers & Rubber Dicks

Modus Operandi, credibility, and news industry liars

Delusions that aren't quite so obvious to the gullible or untrained eye

You'll read that my situation is a direct result of me having reported Freemason child sex crimes to 1982 Nowra NSW Freemason police who refused to let me make an official statement then went on to privately tell the accused I'd reported them to police, because they were Freemasons at the same Nowra NSW lodge. Therefore, you know full well where I stand on the moral issue.

So, let's look at modus operandi which leads into credibility.


​Network Nine TV Sydney & Adelaide - ABC TV Sydney & Canberra - Sydney Morning Herald newspaper group are amongst the many media outlets who have all refused to publish any part of these facts I have in this website that begun in 1980s.


In fact, they have all criminally added to the fake story of the fake Leanne Walters. Network Nine TV Sydney with their (30) thirty-year anniversary celebration documentary which is where I got their 2014 published photos from on my website page:

  • Governments FAKE Bikie Murder

I don't watch the news anymore. I know it's full of politically falsified or manipulated statements and outright lies. Based on the logic of modus operandi.


Recently I came across information about Don Burke. He was accused of sexual misconduct by fellow workers at Network Nine TV. From what I've read it's all a matter of he said she said. Hearsay. Don Burke was sacked over the allegations and extensively discredited by many.

Reference: Don Burke - Wikipedia

True I have no direct contact with any of those persons and can't testify to having any documents to prove what I say other than that Network Nine TV (Sydney and Adelaide) have refused to publish any of my story that has many official Government documents and a Federal Court decision to support my statements.

So looking at modus operandi (a distinct pattern or method of operation) who do you think is most credible?

The selective Network Nine staff and executive accusers - or Don Burke?

Why is there a difference between the news media decisioons to out Don Burke and not out Freemason police and other Government public officers who have the legal responsibility of my duty of care when they identify me as a dead person or falsely imprison me?

The simple answer is that sex is only dirty when it doesn't apply to The Party Faithful in the news industry who are vindictive and calculated liars based on their own historical and deeply entrenched custom of practice to illegally protect sex offenders and malicious political terrorists across two states in Australia including Sydney NSW where Don Burke had worked.

As you can see from the video below. Don was the same as 90% of Australian males of his generation. He freely admits that in the end. Every female in Australia knows a few of males who've acted the same. True his behaviours were unacceptable at times. Life is full of challenges addressing them as they happen is what you do as an adult. All they had to do was walk away and refuse to interact. You hear his potty talk in one clip. Why did the producer not stop the interaction instantly and refuse to air it? Obviously, they loved it because it was controversial. "Good TV."

The news industry has used Don as a scape goat in the 21st century to make it look as if they cared about the plight of females. If that statement wasn't true then why interview him after the accusations were public? This same group who perpetually defame mothers trying to raise children on Centrelink's low income without a partner. Treating them with destain as if being impoverished was their life choice. You people are as fake as a plastic flower.

I'm reminded of the saying:

"Empty vessels make the most noise"

Another plastic flower and associate of the news industry is Elaine SLOWMAN. Most people know her as ex Wollondilly Shire councillor Lynette STYLES.

I knew her when we both worked in the office at Visyboard, in Warwick Farm - on land that backs onto the NSW State public hospital at Liverpool (Sydney).

Elaine is the natural mother of BIA author Sandra HARVEY i the book that criminally defames me as dead and fake Leanne WALTERS.

Elaine is the natural mother of another author Jennifer COOKE who also worked at Visyboard and was known as Jenny SLOWMAN.

"Follow the money trail"

Douglas Ernest SLOWMAN is the presumed male parent of BIA author Sandra HARVEY. He was a director or secretary of UNWIN HYMAN and the publishing arm of HarperCollins when Collins was bought by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation in 1989, The same year BIA was published. Rupert Murdoch is why Nine Network and others protect the lies around the fake story of Leanne WALTERS.



The compelling evidence says that the other BIA author - Lindsay SIMPSON is one of the UNWIN twins (Sharon & Tamara) - sister of Camilla UNWIN and Merlin UNWIN. Daughter of Raynor UNWIN part owner of UNWIN HYMAN the 1989 publisher of the BIA book that defames me.

The compelling evidence says that at one of the UNWIN girls, was the subject of the "first photo" of the fake Leanne WALTERS on the front page of the major Sydney newspaper in 1984.

The Nine Network TV and other news industry personnel all support the fake news of the ensuing  Labor and Liberal party governments - despite the evidence that proves the many lies.

In 2013 and 2014 Elaine SLOWMAN as Lynette STYLES criminally defamed me (according to my State law) with a publication she named "KANGAROO COURT" the title of the book was also the verb describing her actions and the actions of the other public officers who published this book of rubbish in the Picton NSW library - expressly to defame me as they plotted to imprison me illegally under mental health laws for complaining about the illegal implants that went in under the supervision of people like Elaine SLOWMAN known as Lynette STYLES.

I've tried to sue those responsible in 2022 this could only happen after I completed part of a law degree because The Party Faithful blocked my access to a lawyer to represent me. This could only happen after I'd been in possession of the Freedom of Information documents in 2018 proving the politically motivated lies and criminal conspiracy with The Party Faithful from Sydney NSW to Adelaide SA. I stumbled upon the KC book in 2020 some seven years after it was published in 2014.

Also in 2014 I took to the Federal Court in Sydney as a self-representing litigant - the present publishers ALLEN & UNWIN, the authors known as HARVEY and SIMPSON, the fake parents known as Rex WALTERS, Pamela WALTERS, Lorraine WALTERS and won their lawyered-up challenge to dismiss where the judge Katzmann puts it on record that the face in the 1989 BIA book is not the same person in 1984 newspapers.

What did the Nine Network have to say about my court case challenging the fake story of the fake Leanne WALTERS that changed history as we know it? Nothing. That says all you need to know about the creditability of Australia's news industry.

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