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2023-10-11 Email Wong Speirs_1.png
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If you’re here because you saw me wearing this t-shirt & wondered what “face rape” means, its about my identity theft by the UNWIN, HYMAN and ALLEN book publishing family (Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America) who in an unlawful conspiracy with Freemasons from both Labor and Liberal political parties to protect the reputation of one Freemason on "Fathers Day" 2 September 1984 (as a taxpayer funded political terrorist plan) they decided to steal my biometric identity (as in face) in 1989 because I witnessed another Freemason police officer murder by a Freemason police officer in Camden NSW on 24 April 1988. However, just stealing my face identity wasn’t enough for them, they decided to inject my face with illegal and permanent silicone fillers to completely alter what I should look like so they literally stole every aspect of my visual identity for their criminal political cause. Still that wasn’t enough for them, they decided to traffic my entire physical person for illegal medical implant experiments for political and financial profit to them as Australian officials. That all started in 1989. Every parliament since has refused to acknowledge that my identity has been stolen and that the illegal experimental implants and the silicone are causing me serious (life threatening) harm and constant agonizingly debilitating physical pain from the top of my head to the tips of my fingers and toes. Most Australians blame it all on me. Australians are the best in the world at victim blaming and shaming.

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