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If you’re here because you saw me wearing this t-shirt & wondered what “face rape” means, its about my identity theft by the UNWIN, HYMAN and ALLEN book publishing family (Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America) who in an unlawful conspiracy with Freemasons from both Labor and Liberal political parties to protect the reputation of one Freemason on "Fathers Day" 2 September 1984 (as a taxpayer funded political terrorist plan) they decided to steal my biometric identity (as in face) in 1989 because I witnessed another Freemason police officer murder by a Freemason police officer in Camden NSW on 24 April 1988. However, just stealing my face identity wasn’t enough for them, they decided to inject my face with illegal and permanent silicone fillers to completely alter what I should look like so they literally stole every aspect of my visual identity for their criminal political cause. Still that wasn’t enough for them, they decided to traffic my entire physical person for illegal medical implant experiments for political and financial profit to them as Australian officials. That all started in 1989. Every parliament since has refused to acknowledge that my identity has been stolen and that the illegal experimental implants and the silicone are causing me serious (life threatening) harm and constant agonizingly debilitating physical pain from the top of my head to the tips of my fingers and toes. Most Australians blame it all on me. Australians are the best in the world at victim blaming and shaming.

We don’t live in so called capitalist free markets systems. Our systems of communities are run by land pirates. Our goods and services are held to ransom. Prices increase due to land pirate greed.


The war in Gaza strip is caused by those with conflicting religious beliefs who want to occupy the same land. Same situation was had when so called Vikings invaded England so their kings paid the Vikings in gold to live peacefully in what’s called United Kingdom -- resulting in my mix of DNA. United Arab Emirates have the finances to pay both sides to live in peace, that they don’t indicates their leaders enjoy the real life suffering as entertainment or don’t want to ever see peace because it’ll result in less intense religious beliefs.


There is no government of people on our warring planet that wants or allows its own people live in peace. Because they are all land pirates. These days we call all pirates terrorists.


The illegal silicone injections over vibrating illegal implants inside me were ‘installed’ inside me during 1990s because they couldn’t kill me due to their freemason oath system of pretend honour. None the less its the glue that bind freemason terrorists as one organized crime cell globally -- whose predominate membership are government public officers.


In Australia because the 24 April 1988 Camden NSW freemason police who conspired to murder Jack Basset and myself are barred from killing me directly initially, since 1989, they defamed me as having faked my death to cause me and others extensive personal harm and financial ruin via fake named authors, Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey and through publishing companies in USA, UK, NZ, as well as Australia “Allen, Unwin, Hyman” anticipating motorcycle club members would kill me for them.


Then pack raped me throughout 1990s with willing assistance of my then partner, videoed that then passed the video around claiming me as a prostitute. Then continued to secretly “traffic” me for sex amongst the government officials which according to 17 July 2012 State health department document named “Christies Beach, South Australia police constable Weatherill” penis rape of myself included at least one “1999 NSW Minister” in parliament, State of Federal that wasn’t noted in the documents provided in 2018 after my Freedom of Information Act application response.


Also in 1990s they surgically raped me to implant their torture devices over my major nerve centres. With intent of causing me so much pain that I might take my own life. When I didn’t they brainwashed others around to hate me so intently they might kill me.


Then in 21st century after I relocated to South Australia’s capitol city region, they opened an illegal secret “mental health file” on me without lawful grounds, therefore without lawful authority. Its only purpose was to document and better organize the existing terrorist conspiracy to defame me. Now designed to render me an ‘unreliable witness’ due to their criminally false diagnosis of me as “schizophrenic delusional” thereby perverting the course of justice and due administration of law since the date of Jack Basset’s murder on 24 April 1988 to the present day at the close of 2023. Blocking my every attempt to sue them for defamation and anything else as self representing litigant, they infringed the Judiciary Act which gives me legal right to sue as self representing litigant, and sue government as an equal before the court.


On this planet dominated by psychopaths to claim any country “constitutional democracy” is everything from a deluded Utopian fantasy to premeditated lie. Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, all of Europe they’re all dominated by barbarians with political or ideological or religious causes. Today we call that terrorism.


I’ve never fought back, never struck first, and I’m a legally defined expert in defamation law having scored a high distinction on my defamation law assignment during my law degree studies at the University of South Australia at the close of 2018.


That’s why we’ve heard about Bruce Lehrmann and Brittany Higgins but not Freemason police and Janette Francis because in January 2022 they blocked my progress into the Federal Court of Australia to keep their dirty freemason secrets and block my legal right to sue by common law defamation and terrorism, the Australian Labor Party; the Commonwealth of Australia, the State of New South Wales; the State of South Australia; and 60-something medical practitioners and other government public officers from the 2-States who still publicly mock me in my physical agony and spread their many versions of false lies as truth - but no Ministers in parliament or police.


“They” have always been government police and physicians with some help to spread their rumours from their army of extended freemason family and political comrades in government public office, news and legal industries in Australia. All terrorists. All guilty.

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