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1984 Freemason Government Organised Crime.

The CAMILLA UNWIN Terrorist's Artificial Fillers Float, they tend to painfully comprerss nerves & herniate through adjacent muscle. Even herniating in my neck when I yawn.

Doesn't matter to out elected parliament. I'm Australian, I can be replaced by someone in the next consignment of approved terrorist immigrants.

Spot The Difference

LEFT: this is what an out of control 15 year old 1984 Sydney punk would have looked like, most had that 'statue of liberty gone wrong' hairstyle.

RIGHT: this is what a 28 year old married mum did look like, she had drivers licence since 1973, tax file number and School Certificate pass since 1972, she was working in an office and after hours to back up the computer system on reel-to-reel tapes, to support her three (NSW State school) sons aged 10, 8, 6.

Only her name, Unwin-Hyman-Allen arseholes has never been LeanneWalters.

her name is Janette Gail FRANCIS.

Wanted - Lawyers BIA_edited.png

Left: Like everyone with a moderate chin, including Kate Middleton when I smile my chin pokes forward.

Top right: 1975 me (Janette) my mature nose on my wedding day, clearly has no natural tip sag and bulge.


Centre right: Circa 1997, me (Janette) When Australia's Government funded political terrorist freemason police decided to illegally alter my face appearance they injected fillers into the tip of my nose and chin which exaggerates the peak of each, as well as into my cheeks.  Australians like to believe rumours over logic. They've all made my life a living hell. The link for this image shows a news story in a book the Labor party published in NSW State government's Wollondilly Library. The book and the news article are both misleading and criminally false defamations. I warned the council about assaulting me, not Lynette Styles. The AVO was against Lynette Styles who kept barging me. That the local press refused to print my side of the matter and the State government secretly published the paperback defamations about me in a public library at the same time I was suing Allen & Unwin, that speaks volumes to WHO was always in the wrong. When you realise Lynette Styles is the mother of BIA author Sandra Harvey you realise WHY and that therein lies 100% proof of NSW State Government organised terrorism.

Bottom right: 2023 me (Janette) you can see the result 20 years later being denied the right to have this mutilation reversed now I look like an old crone, an old drug addict or alcoholic. You can see its artificial fillers only when its pointed out as that.

Pictures tell a story of fact all on their own if you know what to look for or if you're naturally observant. I hope that observance is a new skill you'll have after this true story.  Turn to the group photos of me below. Far left dimple in my cheek is from me poking my skin to prove the illegal fillers. There are two circular scars from the Labor party terrorists drilling implants into my chin in the same month as my cousin, Princess Diana (UK) died in her car accident. The three far left images prove the distortion of the shape of my chin. I had a slight upturned chin not a dramatic one, the "Cr Jenny Hall" photo is after the first stages of illegal fillers in my face. The two far right images are my face in its natural state showing my sunken cheeks my flat bottom nose and my very slight upturned chin. Two photos demonstrate movement in my face as the camera lens captured my image. The photo far right was in 1970 when I was 14, its a class photo, the two boys behind me were pulling on my dress and I was talking telling them off when the camera snapped the image. You can see the movement as a blur around my top lip. Now you know what to look for wander your eyes the the second from left photo (2009) you can see the blur under the left side of my chin (your right) that's the vibration from an illegal implant drilled into my chin by political stalkers, criminals funded and protected by the Australian Labor party and Governments terrorists in our police departments, in the same month as my cousin, Princess Diana was virtually murdered by stalkers.

Finally look at the 14-year-old me, the white lines in my hair are not paint as some have suggested. Some of us, evidently DNA related, have hair strands that are copper and gold and shimmers in sun. These are some of those strands. These days its my grey hair that shimmers silver in the sun. Countless people in Wollondilly Shire were suckered in by false rumours claiming I dyed my hair multi-coloured dark brown.

Ex-Mayor Christine Towndrow went to a hairdresser and paid to dye her black and grey hair like mine to "prove" I'd dyed my hair multi-coloured. I laughed uncontrollably when I saw her hair as it was after she'd accused me of dying my "red" hair. They claimed I had naturally red hair. They drugged me and stripped me to look at my pubic hair, I only remember fragments of that must have been an amnesia drug.

I bleached my scalp hair with L'Oréal Préférence Platinum Blonde, got a brassy blonde colour sort of red - because I have a copper base hair colour in my DNA - and let it grow out to prove I had naturally multi-coloured dark brown hair.

Ex-Mayor and lawyer Marina Voncina cut her very long blond hair, short like mine, and dyed hers the same shade of L'Oréal colour. I think she expected to get gold shimmers like mine. Its in the DNA not the bottle. They went on to obsess over another false rumour about me.

Clearly they were organised and bribed by others to lie about me. Michael Banasik who'd been protected by impunity for indecently assaulting me as I slept in accommodation paid for by Council - the basis for the newspaper's harassment story - he got an Adelaide South Australia manufactured Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD. Christine got her previously refused subdivision on her land, despite being told by Council she'd never get it subdivided due to several matters - the NSW State Minister for planning can over-rule all council land issues, obviously he did on this matter. Who else got something obscure as a bribe?

1999-01-28 ALP DISTRICT Reporter CROP Face.png
2023-03-20 Janette 66 due to illegal implants.jpg

Unwin-Hyman-Allen Publishing Family
have done same as millions of psychopaths before them

Above: "The Sun" day after NSW police faked this murder the major Sydney daily newspaper published the fake victim's age as sixteen (16) the front page photo shows the ear and surrounding hair had been altered to deceive readers.

Nodding dog bobble dog 00.gif
Published Leanne 1984 B Rex.png

Above: "Bring my Leanne's Killers to Justice"

Forensic examination of the photograph held by the fake male parent establishes it as the "FIRST PHOTO" before edited for the front page to pervert the course of justice and administration of law for illegal political cause.

Published Leanne 1984 C Mirror.png

Above: "Friends to Start Fund for Leanne" Now looking like a young version of 21st century BBC UK TV's Anita Manning whose mother allegedly lived in Sydney in 1980s and is related to the Unwin sisters, publisher of the 1989 paperback where neither of these perverted 1984 newspaper photos made it into the FREEMASON terrorists paperback "BROTHERS IN ARMS" which included the names of about forty NSW police.


This evidence indicates that the UNWIN FAMILY sold their parent's house to fund my illegal imprisonment under the mental health act after I had MRI evidence in July 2012 that proved the illegal implant in my head involving this Camilla UNWIN. I witnessed her directly participating in my surgical-medical rape in 2002.


Question is, did she kill her parents to get to their assets, when nursing them in their illness before death?  She looks mighty happy for someone whose mum died less than 12 weeks prior.  Most people they couldn't bring themselves to participate in selling the house, let alone pose smiling in delight for a photo about the sale.


A house fit for a hobbit: Home of Tolkien publisher goes on sale" story Daily Mail AUSTRALIA - see -> 26 August 2012

Witch Hunted COVER v7.png
Witch Hunted COVER v2.png
Card 1984-2018 Police Brothers Lie EARS 200pc .png
Published Leanne 1989 Janette BIA.png

Left: Inside the BIA literal "true crime" as a verb book. With another edited photo this one is Janette Gail FRANCIS and this time they cropped her nose - the 1989 paperback BROTHERS IN ARMS claims the fake dead bystander was both fourteen (14) and fifteen (15) when published by the almost bankrupt UNWIN HYMAN LTD  o Scotland UK in UK, Australia, USA. Anyone with functioning eyes and brain can see the 1984 FAKE dead bystander is a completely different person.


All of Australia's Government Public Officers would have the entire global population believe that in 1989 despite being only five (5) years after the 1984 fake murder – this twelve (12) year old aged some twenty (20) years; and she's had a head transplant; and naturally birthed three children of her own before leaving infant school but no person was charged for her statutory rape. Proving literally anything is possible in terrorist Australia.

Below: NSW POLICE SERVICE pencil written card - 2003 published by Goulburn NSW senior male police officer - admitting his official police officer position that I had been identified as "Leanne Walters, shot dead" in 1989 but his feeble brain was unable to figure out whet that meant in reality.

Also affixed to my white sign-written Holden Calais (seen in photo) when the police officer affixed his terrorist's note on this (my) private motorcar, was copy of the photo page (yellow and pink at right) titled POLICE FALSIFIED THIS EVIDENCE, with 2003 copyright date to myself. Photos came from BIA book in which Brother Freemason police stole my adult visual identity as a child murder victim: BROTHERS IN ARMS.

Card 2003 Sydney Australia Police Falsify Murder and Evidence 100pc .png
Published Leanne 2014 A 12yo TV.png

Above: "The Father's Massacre" Sydney Network Nine TV Fake News - Moving forward FREEMASONS brand new 'creation' photos of the FAKE bystander appear on Sydney TV Network Nine's 30 year anniversary documentary now the FAKE DEAD FAKE Leanne is only twelve (12) years old when FAKE murdered. Presented by this news media terrorist's accomplice whose business is to report facts not criminally organised fiction.

Published Leanne B 2014 TV.png

Above: Sydney Network Nine TV Fake News - Although this photo scene in this glass frame was very basically described by inference in the FREEMASON BIA book - the first time its seen publicly is thirty (30) years later for Network Nine's 2014 anniversary documentary. Don't presume they're the same person just because they're wearing the same clothes

Also 2914 published, days after Network Nine TV published their perversions of justice in August or September 2014. See extract from Judge Katzmann decision also in SYDNEY this time in the Federal Court of Australia agrees that (my) stolen visual identity in the BIA book is a DIFFERENT PERSON to the same person claimed to have been by the Rex Walters family and the BIA Unwin Family of publishers and authors.

Miraculously this history changing court decision was invisible to Australia's news industry. See full text at

BIA FRANCIS v Allen & Unwin [2014] FCA 1027 KATZMANN J Page 8.png

I'm a witness to Freemason, police officer murder.

Freemasons respond by defaming me as a prostitute.

Sound familiar?

None of THEIR claims against me have been investigated by police or other appropriate authority. None.

None of MY claims against them have been investigated by police or other appropriate authority. None.

On the basis THEY are the GOVERNMENT responsible for investigating crime then; the ONLY logical and obviously LAWFUL conclusion is THEY are the liars not me.

CENTRE VIDEO ABOVE: title "Honest Australians Know Australia is a Political Terrorist Organization" Youtube removed it for "harassment and bullying". So who am I harassing or bullying? Ask Youtube in Sydney Australia to identify the staff who made the decision to pull the plug on my video & you have an enemy terrorist of Australia to arrest. It will be a federal government public officer as YouTube work in Australia in partnership with the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

If I can find this by a Google search POLICE can arrest these political terrorists.

This is an independent link to the same video.


My only websites:

Even more interesting is that someone is tracking my internet activity and can hack my wi-fi password within seconds of me changing the password to a very long set of characters that not even I know. So who has the sort of technology to do that? Within seconds! Only a government I recon.

How do I know that? I'm intelligent is how, unlike my internet stalkers. My wi-fi is restricted to only one user, is how - and tells me when someone is logged in. I also know that anyone on your same network can hack into your data if they know how. I changed VPN and will send government the bill.



He's one of hundreds Labor Party's secret terrorists sponging off Australia. Above all else what he and his hundreds of freemason party faithful are is cowards, spinless creeps who have always attacked me in secret from a distance and as a group.

He and his mates HAVE STOLEN EVERYTHING THEY OWN unjustly enriched at the expense of crimes against others like me - they drugged me in secret, surgically raped me in secret from me & probably raped me in the traditional sense at the same time. They defame me in secret from me in NSW and South Australia illegal government records - I only discover YEARS AFTER they're first published & vibrate the illegal implants inside me in secret from me at a distance, block my access to government services to legally challenge them. Cowards and scum in one package of worthless terrorist shit.

They should all be serving life in prison as well as Councillor Michael Banasik for acts of terrorism since the 1990s fright up to this very day and forward.

You're almost. right when you said, "When you're in the labor party you can get anything you want."

You can't get a brain or courage that you need to be born with.

Surely all of Australia's police aren't criminals, yet they've not investigated these matters.

These matters are self-proved matters of Freemason terrorism.

Not investigating retired police officer, Jack Bassett's 24 April 1988 Camden NSW murder, the base of every harm I've suffered since, this means every police officer can be murdered for not covering up Freemason crimes, with your own murder covered up by your fellow police as suicide or accident.

Every police officer without fail. 

Jack was murdered by NSW police detective Peter Robert Bradbury, a fellow NSW police detective friend of ex-police detectives and NSW convicted murderers Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara.

Top image grayscale: Circa 1996 this is me after I'd been surgically raped and assaulted the evening before this photo. They removed all the oils from my hair and added a huge weight to the tip of my nose. This photo was snapped by a LABOR party terrorist who had been following me, this was printed in an internet website funded by the Labor party they call it DISTRICT REPORTER.

Jumping video: The fool appointed South Australia's Police Commissioner.

Centre image greyscale group of Nine: 1995. This photo shows that my face had already had some illegal fillers in the front of my cheeks but not my chin yet.  My nose droops when I smile but not at rest

I was surgically raped so that it droops all the time and now much more significantly when I smile due to the added bulk in the tip of my nose to make it ROUND like Camilla UNWIN the face of bipartisan NSW freemason's fake 1984 dead inncedent bystander.

Lower image colour group of Three: 1985. This is me with my closest age full DNA sister and out male parent who I resemble facially and by our A+ blood group that's dominant in our ancient ancestry country of Norway. My sister has black hair, I have dark brown hair, both our parents have black hair, both our other two siblings have dark brown hair like me, only my brother also has A+ blood group.

The parasitic freemason family of freaks who surgically raped me in New South Wales WOLLONDILLY SHIRE all through the 1990s, had already defamed me in 1989 as their "Fathers Day 1984 fake murder victim" to render me an unreliable witness against them as a prime witness to retired police officer - JACK BASSETT's 1988 cold blooded murder. They are still criminally stalking me and defaming me in 2023 evidenced by the (South Australia) 3 March 2023 record of conversation in the header of this website titled "Abuse of Public Office".

In 2014 Wollondilly Sire Council's library staff approved a criminally defamatory and false account of life on Wollondilly Shire Council from 1995 to 1999, "KANGAROO COURT by LYNETTE STYLES".  I stumbled on that inNov-Dec 2021 but clerical staff in the federal government's federal court have illegally refused me the right to sue the criminal defamers in Jan 2022 on no lawful grounds whatsoever - NSW and SA police refuse to investigate this 35 year freemason bipartisan terrorist crime series.

Australia is not a democracy, that was proved long ago when I was illegally sacked as elected councillor Hall in 1999 without notice and refused to right of reply and the right to sue in a court of Australian law. Australia is a totalitarian terrorist nation run by freemasons and their bipartisan parliament, criminally masquerading as two separate political parties.

Without exception every word and every document I've published on or linked to all of my websites are intended FIRST AND FOREMOST to provide Australia's POLICE departments with enough evidence to prosecute the named and accused political terrorists.

South Australia police have proved they can't be best friends with other police and still be law enforcement officials dedicated to ensuring crime doesn't happen in the police department.
South Australia police have proved they can't be freemasons and investigate fre
emason crimes.
South Australia police have proved they can't be friends with members of any political party and still investigate politically organised terrorism in Australia.
Your South Australia police have proved they are
1%er criminals Commissioner StEvens.

This worthless lump of terrorist garbage MICHAEL BANASIK is one of the WOLLONDILLY ring leaders who had been illegally drugging me for illegal interrogation and surgical rape during my time as elected Councillor HALL 1995-1999.

That statement, and every other contraversial political statement on my website is proved on the balance of probability by the total absence of lawful actions by Australia's police in response to me saying, "I was surgically raped when I was Wollondilly Shire's elected Councillor Janette Hall"

It was this low life terrorist who brought the motion to general business that saw me illegally sacked from council because I was unable to secure childcare for my children.

This enemy of Australia is backed by LABOR party. The terrorist organization that helped Australia's freemasons to surgically rape me to cover up their terrorist killing of retired police officer JACK BASSETT a murder Sydney NSW police claimed was suicide.

They murdered JACK BASSETT in my presence.

They were going to murder me too only cleaver JACJ protected me and my family with his Freemason distress plea.


Soon after the and his fellow Labor-Freemason terrorist comrades had surgically raped me to leave me with a two way cochlear style hearing implant drilled inside my skull (THIS TECHNOLOGY WAS INVENTED IN AUSTRALIA) behind my left ear after illegally secretly drugging me to surgically rape me,  this cunt telephoned me on my Mazda 929 car phone to ask me where I was. I asked him why he wanted to know that.  Michael Cunt Banasik responded, verbatim, "You've gone out of range."

He was born in Australia to an immigrant family from Ireland I think.

His sister has red hair and a strong accent she was born in that country - in true IRA style she befriended me to help others steal my MAZDA 929 circa 1998. The theft of my car was in retaliation for me filing formal complaint of assault by her brother terrorist Michael Banasik.

Despite knowing where my car was and the criminal circumstances of the theft in Bowral NSW Bowral police refused to investigate that crime - I never got my car back and due to they way they stole it - falsely claiming a lien - I was unable to claim insurance.


When this cunt indecently assaulted me in October 1997 during the NSW Local Government Conference in Port Macquarie NSW near where my grandmother was born circa 1892 - Bowral police refused to take my statement - I had to file a formal complaint to be allowed to make a statement of indecent assault police still refused to investigate this cunt. That happened when Mr PASCOE and Mr HARDING were police detectives in Bowral - at least that's the names they gave me. Reality is Michael Cunt Banasik had probably alreadt indecently raped me after they'd secretly drugged me for illegal surgery and THAT's why he felt he had the right to rub his penis on my face when I was asleep in the negligent accommodation Wollondilly Shire Council had arranged fro the conference.

This was part of my gender harassment and discrimination claim to the Anti-Discrimination Board in 1998 that the Labor party illegally quashed and refused  me the right to proceed with the claim. That alone PROVED they're politically motivated TERRORISTS.

So why won't POLICE investigate the cause of the illegally inserted screw in my skull that physicians in Australia (bar one) refuse to acknowledge exists?

Quite obviously NSW and SA State police are cunt terrorists Freemasons and OTHER political parties.

The State government refused to acknowledge my evidence when I took it to Consumer Affairs through the NSW department of Fair Trading.

They have it all stitched up - they assault you and block your access to government services - they are TERRORISTS.

Jack was murdered on 24 April 1988.

My real estate in Wollondilly Shire titled in my name JANETTE GAIL FRANCIS was stolen by my common law husband Mr Hall (we were de-facto not legally married) and his freemason terrorist in 1991 two days before my last child was born. It appears the intent of my terrorist husband Mr HALL was to kill me during child birth.

Because police refused to investigate these crimes I was homeless with my two very young children and because of the name criminal attacks on me when Wollondilly Shire Councillor Hall in my rented residence in Wilton - I moved to Bowral at 5 Tulip Close, Bowral NSW. Out of the Wollondilly Shire area.

Political terrorist Lynette STYLES (alias Elaine Slowman from Scotland) was seen ‘by me’ rushing in and out of the house at number 9 Tulip Close, Bowral NSW. The same residence that other neighbours told me, hein number 9 Tulip Close, told them that he “knew me as a prostitute” he claimed to be a “paid sex” customer of mine and that the young ”men” seen visiting my house were also my customers.

The young men visiting me are in fact my three adult sons - my children I birthed in the usual manner alone with one or two of their friends. One friend was Adrian who had been subsequently killed in a motor vehicle accident.

Political terrorist Michael Banasik’s red haired terrorist sister lived at the end of Tulip Close, Bowral NSW cul-de-sac.

This cunt MICHAEL BANASIK is a terrorist a cog in the wheel of Australia’s largest secret terrorist organization.

From my reckoning, well over half of the government public officers and private physicians who surgically raped me or criminally protect those who did by their own acts of criminal defamation or criminal assault and criminally falsifying documents to wilfully pervert the course of justice and due administration of law as POLITICAL TERRORISTS & ENEMIES of Australia -> are immigrants.

The documents prove - their OWN documents prove - its a secret war against born Australians and a secret invasion and a secret takeover of our government by persons not born in Australia.

You may be wondering what happened in my official complaint filed with the Anti Discrimination Board of NSW when Chris Puplick was the head of that terrorist controlled government investigation agency. Staff told me "The Labor Party took care of that."

The hearing was cancelled by the Labor Party in 1999 when they illegally extracted me from my elected office on Wollondilly Shire Council. ADB refused to let me revive my application for a claim of gender discrimination and harassment by Michael Banasik and the Wollondilly Shire Council under the control of the State of New South Wales and the Labor Party.

Its a coup d'état.

An illegal political takeover by a growing number of terrorists infiltrating our government by way of their existing group members in government, who claim to continue the rule of law but only apply it to their own group members. That they illegally block my progress into the court system proves it as does the fact POLICE DEPARTMENT law enforcement officers illegally refuse to charge the criminals overtly responsible for the many crimes proved by their own documents published on or linked to my websites


inside story of two political party's masonic witch hunt


We are devoted to uncovering the truth about the 1984 Labor Party freemason police fake bikie murder evidence that got the Hawke government re-elected, 1988, 1989 and 1990's murders by Liberal Party freemason police, Janette's 1989 Liberal Party stolen identity to benefit the Labor Party, Janette's 1990s Labor Party surgical rape, Janette's bipartisan criminal defamation in NSW and SA from 1988 to the present day, and Janette's Labor Party secret political imprisonments designed keep the freemason secret of bipartisan government terrorism in Australia under the false banner of a constitutional democracy and more. We are dedicated to providing accurate and honest reporting of these issues, so that the public can be better informed.


Bradbury Unwin Walters Styles

'Brothers in Terrorism' is a powerful Australian, true government crime, story by Janette Gail Francis, about one woman’s incredible journey of resilience and courage in the face of decades of government-sanctioned criminal activity. This film depicts the multi-decade saga of the government’s relentless pursuit of Janette, an innocent bystander to freemason crime, and the life-altering consequences she has endured.

Through the story viewers will gain insight into the facts that have been largely ignored by the mainstream media, and gain a greater understanding of the power of resilience and standing up for one’s rights. 'Brothers in Terrorism' is an eye-opening account of one woman’s fight for justice and freedom

The NSW government's claim of a murder victim Leanne Walters is fake news. It describes politically motivated fake murder of a  fictitious child. This fake news has caused me serious physical harm that is ongoing. 2014 when 60 Minutes TV made their 30 year  documentary video I was suing the fake WALTERS family and ALLEN & UNWIN and the authors of the book in Federal Court of Australia Sydney and won but press refused to publish that. Political entities in federal government have illegally  blocked my right  to proceed in the court system. I'm one person fighting for my legal rights. I hope you will do right thing and use your voice to tell Australia's governments that their actions in this issue are not acceptable.

However, make sure you do it using VPN and not your real name and address as these psychopathic mongrels will use the freemasons and their police illegally, to seek you out and destroy not only your life, but the lives of your ENTIRE family - as they did to me despite the fact that I have ALWAYS had NO criminal record.

From my evidence the alleged wife of Rex John Walters (alleged male parent of Leanne Gaye Walters allegedly murdered in 1984) has also been known or identified as 1984 murder victim Leanne Walters, 1984 Visyboard Warwick Farm employee Lorraine Slowman, and 26 August 2012 Camilla Unwin for internet advertisement on the sale of Unwin family residence in United Kingdom. NSW & SA police don't want to know as they're conspirators in the same terrorist CRIME.

FREEMASON Government's
FAKE Bikie Murder

Shot in Face Richard Norris transplant surgery.jpg

In order to cover up for a FREEMASON cop killing unarmed persons on Fathers Day 1984, police with the blessing of the parliament cfalsified the life and death of a female childm claiming she was shot in the face and that's how she died. Its all bullshit. Despite that their 'story' lacks credability and evidence the global news industry lapped it up.

Left is the photo of an unconscious female who was actually shot in the face. She lived, as have many other who have suffered the same fate because the face has no vital organs, no major arteries. They're in the neck and back of head for 'nature's' safe keeping.


Maxillofacial trauma patient: Coping with the difficult airway - Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed 9 Sep, 2022]

Government Organised Crime became Planed Terrorist acts since 1995.

pursuant to Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) Schedule The Criminal Code.

I lived in Branxton for two years before I was illegally evicted by State public officers in a Star Chamber tribunal hearing on false hearsay claims by my private landlord claiming I owed him more money than I could prove I owed him. My best guess is that my future neighbour (80 Gibson) who worked in or associated with the Branxton post office, had criminally held back my notice for that tribunal hearing. The tribunal office refused to relist the hearing,. I was offered a State public housing rental in Goulburn.


I lived in Goulburn NSW or two years before I was illegally evicted by State public officers in a Star Chamber tribunal hearing on false hearsay claims by my State landlord claiming I'd abandoned the rental despite that I was in advance in my rent payments and making regular payments and had my possessions in the house with food in white goods and the electricity connected and paid up to date.


The 80 Gibson street Goulburn neighbour across the road a(80 Gibson street) moved into that State owned public housing days after I made my move. Its very obvious he had followed me from my prior residence in Branxton NSW (near Cessnock NSW) this is proof of criminal stalking which rendered him liable for expulsion. Goulburn police told me I had to get the documents to prove he was stalking me, which meant they refused to take my statement until I had a signed confession from the criminal stalker.


The local press didn't think it necessary to report my (illegal) local court conviction for complaining to police about my break-and-enter, as they recorded other court appearances however they found the space to run a story about a Freemason with the same name had moved to Goulburn from Newcastle. Branxton is near Newcastle. My best guess that this 80 Gibson resident was identified as Peter Robert (Bob) BRADBURY in the BIA book that stole my visual identity for that Freemason police crime since 1989. Goulburn police arrested me for making criminal reports to them alleging Peter Robert (Bob) BRADBURY's daughter, a State housing public officer, committed criminal break and enter on my residence. Long story proving my claims as fact on the evidence documented by not-so-bright Goulburn NSW police.


Goulburn is about 1400 kilometres (about 900 miles) from where I now live in South Australia (Seaford Rise). Copying the modus operandi from Goulburn NSW since 2008 I have an implied immigrant neighbour (number 10 Whitestone) also directly opposite me) also renting State owned public housing subsidised by the taxpayer. He's not on the electors roll under his own name he has a stolen identity of a deceased person as an elector at his address. That is a Federal crime that renders him liable for expulsion from the residence.


That he criminally defamed me (pursuant to State law) since about 2016, defamed me to every person who parks at my house or attends near the front of my property for maintenance. He's also criminally defamed me in State records also renders him liable for expulsion from State public housing.


This sort of defamation is still hearsay where there is only witnesses. Yet its this hearsay that the government used to take his criminal defamation and record that in state records giving that more weight than hearsay, its irrefutable criminal defamation with intent to cause me harm, another element of his offences infringing my right to “quiet enjoyment” under State residential tenancy Act and as a public housing tenant his actions render him automatically liable for expulsion from his taxpayer purchased rental property.


That he's been caught on my security camera illegally keeping me under surveillance from his property directly across the road from mine as I enter and leave my property also renders him liable for expulsion. So why is he protected from the consequence of his crimes and I'm penalised for doing nothing whatsoever that could be even slightly defined as criminal?

The obvious answer is his crimes are being illegally funded by the State and Federal governments.


He moved in at the same time as I did. He ordered his wife and child from the house to take in another woman already obviously pregnant. The State allocated a house for the first wife and child almost immediately a few streets away. Since he's criminally defamed me he's been suddenly flushed with disposable assets and major home improvements which include tools to ensure his front yard looks manicured, which he personally attends to every couple of days, giving a false impression of his state of mind.

Card 1984 Police Evidence Tampering CROP Vendetta.png
1984 Sep 6 Mirror News Rex Walters KILLER.png

I on the other hand have been forced to erect a crude fence and gate to keep him from trespassing on my property and demanding to know who my visitors are. I was forced to grow high hedges to keep out State public officers illegally jumping my locked gate fence in response to this neighbour's “hearsay” criminal defamations. Relevant point to make is that the SA State public officer who criminally trespassed by jumping my locked fence to criminally threaten me with criminal imprisonment without lawful authority, is documented in Australian health profession records as being “educated at Cessnock NSW” in the same period of time I lived near Cessnock at Branxton. Curiously that person, according to my then new security system, bears a striking resemblance to a 1984 police officer identified by the news industry (Newspix) as NSW police detective Ron Stephenson, the most senior person responsible for the investigation of the (fake) murder of the fake innocent bystander – code named “Leanne Gaye WALTERS”. See image with the yellow motorcar.


There are no coincidences here. Why is it that I'm not given any respect or protection under Australian law, when I've committed no offence whatsoever?


If I want any privacy at my own residence I'm also forced to erect privacy screens in my back yard because persons randomly play electronic recordings (seemingly linked to motion sensors) when I enter my back yard . Or they jump my fence or peer over my low fence just to have a stickybeak - when it pleases them – persons seemingly employed in or by State governments departments that have criminally defamed me in taxpayer records without lawful authority whatsoever and infringing the federal Privacy Act “principals” to record the false claims about me they insist is true fact. Additionally in breach of the Privacy Act they also refuse me the right to have their false records removed.


I'm a descendant of 1800s immigrants when there was no public housing and Social security (Centrelink). Before I was allocated my rental I was living in our family sedan with my two children for two years, having been illegally evicted from private rental before we were criminally assaulted, unprovoked buy multiple State public officers and members of the medical profession in the southern Adelaide regions. What could I have done to get this level of abuse?


The hints are in government records. There are several claims that I'd made “false” claims of “sexual assault” that I'd never made. I did however witness Freemason rape and murder involving two persons my own age when I was eleven years old in 1967. This happened at the Freemason lodge “temple” my male parent was attending as my mum cooked a meal for the members in the attached kitchen Its obvious my rape when I was fifteen and everything since is an illegal and criminally organised Freemason vendetta against an eleven year old female child, using the resources of taxpayers in several governments across Australia.

Police Falsify Evidence

Australia has a deeply entrenched custom of political cause terrorism in government that sees AUSTRALIA State and Federal police as ring leaders in cross boarder political or ideological cause terrorism that started in the Freemason Brotherhood.
WHW Section 001 V6 I WAS  PACK RAPED BY 1990s NSW POLICE 60p_01.png

Before 1982 I had no "criminal" interactions with police.


NSW police officer Jack Bassett, (his wife Irene and their two children around my age) were friends of my birth family through my parents from the day I was born on 1 May 1956 (May Day) until his murder in my presence on 24 April 1988 by fellow NSW police officer Peter Robert (Bob) BRADBURY. A murder officially categorised as suicide. Probably the reason for the DDoS attack to my website on Remembrance Day 2022 as the Milperra police like to use commemorative days for their crimes. Fathers Day, Valentines Day, St Patrick's Day, Mothers Day, Good Friday etcetera.

Card Stephenson Freemason  POLICE Vendetta 100pc.png

These dates are when State police falsified evidence to pervert the course of justice and due administration of law. As outlined further in my other websites and elsewhere. These matters prove by inference that the powes of the universe are standing by me in my accidental fight against Australian government crime. The Force is with me, Star Wars fans.


1982 Nowra NSW police (identified himself as Nowra Freemason, as his grounds to refuse to take my statement as a witness of child sex crimes.)


1983 Campbelltown NSW Peter Robert (Bob) BRADBURY (hit me on the head to unconsciousness inside a residence at 31 Wandarra Crescent Bradbury NSW (old phone 046 26-6318) with his wife Rose (aunt of Jennifer Maree SHEEHAN) and friend known as Leanne Walters.) He was uniformed officer behind the counter in station when I went to report the assault the next day.

1984 ongoing multiple NSW police and others, falsify evidence of LEANNE GAYE WALTERS intending to pervert the course of justice etc by falsifying her existence, murder, burial at Leppington Lawn Cemetary Catherine Fields road.


1987 30 June Catherine Fields road near Leppington NSW police (two uniformed at vehicle accident that occurred on my way to my regular office job. Unidentified police sent me a "negligent driving" infringement notice because a soil truck rear ended my Holden TE Gemini, twice. They signed it "R. Stephenson" to criminally impersonate police superintendant Ronald Stephenson the senior investigator at the Fathers Day (2 September1984) Milperra shooltings - who according to che claims in BIA had a "son-in-law named Peter" on Fathers Day1984. I appealed the illegal infringement in Campbelltown NSW Court. All I was sent via Australia Post  was a photocopy of the infringement with my personal details on it and the "negligent driving" accusation Police failed to provide any photographic evidence of their alleged damage to the front of my 4-cylindar harchback - because there is none. That magistrate illegally sent my appeal to "arbitration" under the direction of local lawyer, Bruce Hanrahan who agreed to pervert the course oif justicve and due admijnistration of law by upholding the police claim that the front of my TE Gemini had "ripped off the truck's front bull bar and bumper bar" without leaving a scratch on the frtont of my TE Gemini whose REAR boot at was caved in from the double rear impact - bending the subframe and rear pillars. My unborn child and I walked away without a scratch.)

1988 24 April Camden NSW LAC police all police on duty this afternoon uniformed and detectives (identified themselves as Camden Freemason, as their grounds to refuse to take my statement as a witness of child sex crimes and refuse to order DNA swabs of the baby in arms victim of this crime.)

1988 24 April Camden NSW police late evening (all detectives present, child rape and ensuing cold blooded murder of Jack BASSETT who had verbally declared he'd out the Freemasons to stand by me to give evidence which angered BRADBURY who shot Jack in cold blood.Then they plied me with amnesia drugs after realising they couldn't frame me for the murder because I was unable to hold on to a gun without violently shaking.

1988 after 24 April at The Oaks NSW police - (37 or 39) Mary street neighbour Peter Robert (Bob) BRADBURY stole my photo for BIA from my residence at 39 William street.

1989 and 1989 ongoing multiple NSW police and others, falsify evidence for the Freemason paperback BROTHERS IN ARMS intending to pervert the course of justice etc.

1994 Camden NSW police (Paul Fryer, rape video evidence given to police vanish, implicates involving Owen Hall, Marsden lawyer's son Matthew Searle, and Ian Wolf son of Tony Wolf long-term Narellan printer.)


1994 Campbelltown NSW police (Paul Shiels & two uniformed, Leanne Walters death - stolen identity in BIA) 


1997 Bowral NSW police (Pascoe & Harding, indecent assault by Labor Party member Michael Banasik, endorsed Labor candidate for federral parliament seat of Macarthur)


1999 Mittagong NSW police (uniformed attended my residence, car theft)


2000 Picton NSW police. and Liverpool NSW police (unknown names) stalking and assault - police refuse to acknowledge new rape videos evidence involving Owen Hall and others


2001 Newcastle NSW police (all detectives, stolen identity in BIA)


2001-2003 Sydney NSW police (Commissioner's office, stolen identity in BIA)


2004 Goulburn NSW police. (ALL GUILTY about ten in BRADBURY FAMILY "break and enter" associated documents to arrest me in direct retaliation for pursuing claims of my stolen identity in BIA)


2005 Sturt LAC (ANZAC highway) SA police (approximately twelve accused me of terrorism because of my website "names" signwritten on my Holden Calais - and


2006 Aldinga SA police ( officer Minnis protecting ENT physician Neville Minnis)

2007 March 21, Netley SA police (unknown in attendancer, malicious assault and false imprisonment, illegal assault my youngest son and myself)

2007 May 2, Christies Beach SA police (Christine Neilson & Timothy Cooper, malicious assault and false imprisonment, illegal assault my fifteen (125) year old daughter and myself)

2008 Christies Beach SA police (Alision Bee - malicious criminal defamation and destruction of a person to person registered letter addressed to SAPOL Commissioner of poluice on testimony of Anthony Wainwright head of SAPOL investigations.)

2009 & 2010 Premier's office SA police (Jan McConchie OPremier refused to recognise my NSW birth certificate as Janette Gail Francis, claiming it belinged to someone else.)

2012 Christies Beach police & Premier's office SA (Constable Weatherill, wilful criminal defamation claiming police evidence in NSW that never existed - falsely alleging, that I had falsely accused a 1999 Labor Party Minister in NSW parliament of rape.)


2013-2014 Christies Beach & Aldings SA police (Don Hodge & others, government documented terrorist conspiracy with me as the target of serious crime. Terrorist plan was brought to fruition in January 2014 and continued until the District court stepped in July 2014.)


2018 Adelaide SA police in concert with SA Premier's office and department of transport and others *(Anonymous, falsified medical diagnosis to cause the permanent cancellation of my commercial class driving licence).

Health Departments Physicians Falsify Evidence

Australia has a deeply entrenched custom of political cause terrorism in government, akin to that of WWII NAZI Germany.

State CRIMES - 2007 to ongoing Adelaide SA and Noarlunga SA public officers falsify evidence claiming lawful authority "because" I attempted to sue the State of South Australia and various Labor Party politicians their diagnosis "schizophrenia".

Federal CRIMES - 2013 & 2014 ongoing Adelaide SA and Noarlunga SA and Campbelltown NSW public officer/s including physician Mohammed R AHMED. AHMED is prima facie the ring leader physician and Wollondilly Shire resident / ratepayer who surgically raped me multiple times during the 1990s. Click click boom.

2014-01-22 C NSW State Medicare Fraud - Ahmed _1.png
Card 2020 Medicare Terrorist Acts 100pc.png
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