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THIS & EVERY WEBSITE I've published is designed to establish "mens rea' and actus reus" to impart irrefutable evidence of crime upon Australian police who are employed specifically to prevent crime not create more crime by dereliction of statute (abuse of public office) in illegal refusal to investigate verbal and written "prima facie"  evidence in chief of  serious crime.

*As these three Tripartizan Terrorist supporters did 21 Feb 2018.

**As these four Tripartizan Terrorist supporters did 3 March 2023.

Serious crime that has and is causing me serious physical harm.

Serious crime that is politically or ideological  terrorism.

Serious crime that is organized by Australia's State and Federal Government public officers and Freemason family, includes parliamentarians & police as terrorists.

It would appear that all of Australia PARLIAMENTs sanction terrorism when a resident has an airtight TERRORIST court action against them.
* 2018 Three public officers a mixture of Mental Health & Housing State Government departments.
** 2023 Four public officers a mixture of Mental Health & Police State Government departments.

Criminal Sycopants 2018-02-21 Alan Baird Cessnock NSW in SA.png
A004 Terrorist's Goon Squad 3 March 2023.png
Facebook Cover TRIPARTIZANS Aug 2023.png

Its impossible to be a dedicated freemason whose freemason lore concentrates solely on covering up freemason crimes - and be a sworn police officer who are employed to enforce Australian law. Every Sydney, Christies Beach & Adelaide regions freemason who've blocked my access to medical and legal services are covering up not only these 1960's child sex and murder crimes but also the cold blooded murder of retired 'life long serving' NSW police officer Jack Basset who was murdered in my presence on 24 April 1988 and gave his last thought to evoking his freemason distress to protect my life and the lives of my children. Jack's murder was witnessed by several Camden NSW police and Jack's son who was a serving NSW police detective, yet he is a freemason before being a son and police officer. NSW police classified Jack's murder as suicide. They'd planned to frame me for Jack's murder but that failed as I'm psychologically incapable of holding a firearm due to child abuse at the hands of my male parent. Therefore when FREEMASONS surgically raped me and block my access to medical services they break the freemason bonds by failing to honour their own freemason oath by taking steps to cause my murder by medical assault and neglect. This entire saga from 1967 to this day in 2023 proves 100% that freemasons are nothing less than a police organized terrorist organization. So mote it fuking be.
The esoteric part of this matter and the proof that Jack was a hero of the highest kind is that he believed he was going to die for me to let me expose freemasons for the terrorists they are. Only reason Jack was in Camden the day he was murdered is because I told him when I was younger that he would save my life. I’m a seer. I’d known Jack from the day I was born in Cooma NSW where he was a local cop. On the day he was murdered I’d not seen Jack since we left Bunyan in 1962. He was there because I told him of his future memory. I see the future memories of persons who see someone die violently. There are a number of people who can attest to this fact. I don’t advertise or take payment or do voluntary sessions.

First and foremost, I never agreed to any type of implant and any time, under any circumstance. They, Australia's medical industry officials, they're fixated on the delusional belief they're our God. Its like the final scene in the equally perverted film 'Truman Show' they delude themselves like Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli (1469-1527) they pretend that they act for a greater good when in reality they act for themselves and no other.

Cover Tripartizans Brown on Black v2_.png

Tripartizans are the three political entities controlling every alleged democratic country, in Australia its Labor Liberal & Freemasons.

Freemasons are the 'third man' in every alleged democratic country across planet Earth.


Tripartizan terrorists are waging a secret war on truth, have for decades, in order to maintain their global totalitarian rule. Full power as the prime global terrorist organization ensuring mullions remain impoverished under perpetual threat of homelessness, serious defamation, incarceration, rape, and medical mutilations of themselves and their family - these threats from the secret Tripartizans  ensure plentiful supplies of secret soldiers for their political causes and narcissistic power trip.

Tripartizans are successful because the vast majority of people are cowards, or liars, or thieves.  That means you my dear readers. and are from my personal experience two domain and website hosting companies who are obviously Tripartizan Terrorist supporters. refuse to let me edit my new hosted website after it was initially created by removing the menu selection (August 2023). block my right to redirect a domain name of my choice to the domain name I registered with them when I purchased a hosted site (August 2023). Which is why my websites were offline recently.


There's always a solution to thwart Freemason wankers.

My true crime story is similar in the context of its time period and its police involvement to, yet more explosive & politically damning to my country than Matthew McGough story of "The Lazarus Files"  published in April 2019 by Henry Holt and Co.

However, this true government crime sage is by far more explosive and further reaching involving hundreds of high profile government public officers in Australia and publishing companies that dominate our allied countries.




My birth name is Janette Gail Francis and I'm resident in Australia and born on 1 May 1956 (May Day) in Cooma NSW public hospital.

First kindergarten in Cooma NSW NSW State Government public co-ed school.

Educated in Campbelltown NSW State Government public co-ed schools from 1962 to 1972, passing my School Certificate with Credit pass in "Needlework".

First full-time employment was in office of the Elizabeth street Sydney old 'The Sun' building then occupied by the Government Insurance Office of New South Wales (November 1972).

Second full-time employment was in office of the Carrington street Sydney )federal government) Department of Social Security.

Passed first attempt for driving test and full license in 1973 at Campbelltown NSW motor registry under my birth name.

First child born in 1974 Royal Hospital for Women in Paddington NSW.

Married in 1975 to Mr W R Peters in Geelong Victoria.

Opened my retail, custom build, computer store in 1989.

Also 1989, was secretly identified by State police as a 1984 murder victim in an incident the government claimed was the "largest police investigation in the history of Australia".
Fifth child born in 1991 at Campbelltown NSW State Government public hospital.
Begun university degree, Bachelor of  Economics, in 1995 at the University of Western Sydney, Nepean Campus.
Elected onto local council in 1995 (Alderman/Councillor) and illegally dismissed in 1999 on political grounds in breach of Australia's anti-discrimination laws against women as mothers.

Never had a criminal record and never associated with motorcycle riders or club members.

I'm a Myers-Briggs INTJ personality which makes me less than 1% of the population and base all my investigations on 'the whole truth' in logic and fact.

When not illegally drugged with Government approved amnesia or 'date rape' drugs, I have an impeccable memory.

According to the online Family Tree, I'm a cousin to about 15 of your presidents including Abraham Lincoln as well as Elvis Presley, Walt Disney, Marilyn Munro, Lucille Ball, Katharine Hepburn, Amelia Earhart, John Wayne, Thomas Edison, philosopher and economist Adam Smith, television Philo T Farnsworth, telegraph Samuel Morse and many more famous cousins in America.





This part I can reasonably prove on the documents:

2 September 1984 Sydney Australia police claimed 7 persons were killed in a "bikie shootout" Fathers Day 1984.

The evidence proves an undercover police officer and Freemason killed one unarmed person (Ivan Romcek).

Freemasons as senior police decided to cover up Ivan's murder with a fictitious murder of a fictitious person, an "innocent bystander" they identified as a female child (Leanne Walters).

The photo published in September 1984 were teenage photos of a female who was an adult in 1984 and still living.

The "first" photo published the day after the fake murder on the front page of the main Sydney daily press (The Sun) had been falsified to alter the appearance of the right earlobe.

Evidence of that falsification was published a couple of days later is the second major daily press (Daily Mirror).

Years later I proved the female subject of these photos was one of the daughters of Raynor Unwin (Tamara) associated with George Allen and Allen & Unwin publishing houses.

Years later I also proved 1984 police moved 2 male bodies to either side of the body of Ivan Romcek, to conceal the identity of the police officer killer of Ivan Romcek.

Years later Ivan's killer (John Hill) was subsequently jettisoned by for the Australian Labor Party into parliament and positioned as a Minister of health and my local member is State parliament.


This part I can't prove directly but can on balance of probability:

24 April 1988 I witnessed the murder of a family friend and Freemason, (Jack Bassett) who was also a retired police officer, giving evidence to several employed police on witnessing when a police officer, activities involving police as murderers and participants in child sex crimes. He was shot dead in front of me. Police claimed it was suicide.

These police had planned to murder me but were prohibited by the Freemason criminal code of honor.

In the alternate they attempted to frame me for the murder however on realizing I was psychologically incapable of holding the murder weapon they decided to slot me into the 2 September 1984 crimes by stealing my biometric (visual) identity.

At his funeral his son, a police detective, pulled his gun on me blaming me for killing Jack. 

My mum stood in front of me as my male parent (a Freemason) stood laughing. 

My male parent died in 2018, if my mum is still alive she'd be 97 and far too old to stress with it all.

I'd cut all ties with my parents in 1988 due to the events that happened on the same day and before and because Jack was murdered.


This part I can reasonably prove on the documents:

In 1989 the first paperback with a photograph of my own adult face as the visual identity of the fake dead, fake female child, was stolen from my residence by a police detective who lived nearby my house.

Titled "Brothers In Arms The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs" it was published with the cooperation of the government by Unwin Hyman Ltd (Scotland UK) publishing company part owned by Raynor Unwin.

The rest of the story is about the horrendous human rights violations I've been forced to endure since 1989.

The NSW Government secretly surgically raped me multiple times through the 1990s, when I was heavily pregnant and when I was an elected member of local council.

These series of  'secret surgical rape' terrorist attacks left me with permanent brain damage. The active apparatus they inserted are causing me constant injury from microwave access to the illegal implants and the growing scar tissue encroaching on my nerve centres and muscles. The illegal silicone injections in my face and the rest of me have altered my natural biometric identity. Not even my 'sketch artist' mother could recognized me by 2001.

1994 three police threatened to arrest me in public they used a copy of the Brothers In Arms paperback with my stolen photo as their "evidence" I was Leanne Walters.2001 Allen & Unwin republished Brothers In Arms this is when I started investigating the evidence and uncovered all the acts of politically motivated terrorism.

2003 the NSW police department Commissioner's office in Sydney NSW wrote to me to inform me they'd illegally declared me an outlaw, this was followed by multiple crimes against my property and person inflicted on me by police and their extended DNA family

2004 I relocated interstate about 100 miles (150 klm)

The new State (South Australia) criminally conspired with the old State (New South Wales)

2006 after I started gathering Medicare evidence of my surgical rapes in NSW the SA government falsified hundreds of pages of illegal and secret mental health records under my name, expressly intended to criminally defame me.

2007 in March my son and myself were seriously assaulted by health workers. I was illegally drugged to unconsciousness and illegally imprisoned under Mental Health Act. This precipitated a false claim of me threatening an unidentified person with a gun but this was secreted from me for five years and I was released the next day.

2007 in May my daughter and myself were seriously assaulted by police I was charged with assaulting police "with a deadly weapon" and acquitted by Christmas.

2009 the head of State government blocked my right to use my NSW birth name on my drivers license claiming I stole my birth certificate from someone else.

2012 to further cover-up their Tripartizan Terrorist crimes the public officers from AUSTRALIA Federal and NSW Government's Arts Departments funded a Television Miniseries on the fake 1989 UNWIN HYMAN paperback story of the 1984 fake murder victim and fake murdered child, Leanne Walters.

2012 six days after I had irrefutable evidence of an illegal Manchurian Style (speaking-hearing) implant had been drilled into my skull next to my left ear, the SA Government, under the head of Government's own name, secretly accused me of falsely accusing a NSW State Labor Party Minister of rape to generate political support to have me illegally imprisoned under their Mental Health Act.

2014 January at state election time police trespassed to my residence to illegally imprison me under their Mental Health Act. I was unconstitutionally and illegally imprisoned and forcible drugged for several months. During that time I compiled an application to the Federal Court under Copyright infringement on my 1988 or 1989 stolen photo.

2014 by July I win an appeal on my illegal imprisonment under Mental Health Act.

2014 April, seemingly in response to me filing a Federal Court copyright infringement application against Allen & Unwin publishers and the Leanne Slowman (Sandra Harvey) & Tamara or Sharon Unwin (Lindsay Simpson) authors as well as the Walters (Bradbery) family the State BIA f NSW published a book to criminally defame me on hearsay, innuendo, blatant lies in the Australia court system as they'd passed on a copy of this gutter trash to the respondent's lawyer, Peter Banki who promised to give me copy but declined to carry through. He did however submit an application to dismiss on the grounds he said that it was me who'd been harassing Allen & Unwin publishers by asking them to settle and publishing the facts on my own websites. This is the application they I won based on only a small fraction of my evidence.

The Lynette Styles paperback titled "Kangaroo Court" a verb rather than a noun, was claimed to be authored by Elaine Slowman as Lynette Styles and this was published in the Wollondilly Shire Council library as a State library loan book.

2014 August using the website for Queensland Courier Mail and name "...former  NSW  Police  Assistant  Commissioner  Clive  Small  said" the evidence that proved Clive's 1984 police criminally falsified evidence of Ivan Romcek's murder by police officer John David Hill (photo of 3 deceased persons under sheets) which precipitated the birth of the fake murdered, fake female child, Leanne Walters.

2014 by September I got the favorable Federal Court decision when suing as a self represented litigant under our Copyright statute, filed in April 2014. This historical decision was not published by Sydney News Industry.

2014 also in September - a Sydney Television Studio created and published further matters to pervert the course of justice with a 30 year celebration documentary on the falsification of the seven murders on Fathers Day 1984.

2018 in response to me asking police to investigate the medical crimes, the transport department under the control of the head of State illegally cancelled my drivers license.

By 2018 I'd half completed a Bachelor of Laws Honors degree (when out solicitors and lawyers need to practice law) secured a perfect grade in defamation law.

2019 the Supreme Court refused to acknowledge my defamation lawsuit and the associated evidence.

2022 I had gathered irrefutable evidence to win a defamation action on the documents alone, attempted to file the matter against Labor Party, Federal government, and two State governments (NSW & SA) but the court's clerical staff refused to let me file without any lawful grounds whatsoever.

2023 my drivers license was reissued but the State Government falsified my appearance in the photo on the license


I've been unable to secure services of a lawyer due to the politics of the matter and the Freemason affiliations with police.

Local major newspapers owned by Rupert Murdock refuse to let me advertise for a lawyer.

Rupert Murdock is indirectly linked to the Unwin Hyman publication insomuch that he owns Harper Collins who purchased part of Unwin Hyman Ltd in 1990 and his accountant at Harper Collins at the relevant period (Douglas Slowman) was also accountant or director of Unwin Hyman and Allen & Unwin.

The two authors of "Brothers in Arms" (BIA) used pen-names. 

One BIA author appears to be the daughter of Douglas Slowman (Leanne Slowman as author Sandra Harvey). 

Other BIA author appears to be one or both of Raynor Unwin's twin daughters (Tamara and Sharon Unwin as author Lindsay Simpson).

The police detective who shot Jack Bassett (Peter Bradbery) was the same person who stole my photo from my residence.

Government marriage records indicate he's a DNA brother or cousin to the male person (Rex Walters) who pretends to be the male parent of the fake dead, fake child.

Rex Walters present wife appears to be Tamara Unwin and Lorraine Slowman

In 1984 I was employed at Richard Pratt's Visybared with some of the Slowmans (alternating name) females including Lorraine, Jennifer Slowman and her mother Elaine Slowman.

Government ensured Elaine Slowman was elected in the same council as I had been at the same time (1995-1999) only she'd altered her appearance and changed her name to Lynette Styles.


I decided to leave this to the last as it may be deemed offensive to some Americans despite that its also perfectly and 100% true.

The America accepted likeness of Abraham Lincoln's mother's face, Nancy, also presents as a likeness of myself in my twenties (inserted below).

As you may know Abraham Lincoln was not a Freemason and may have been assassinated on instruction of Freemasons who supported slavery.

As I've indicated above Freemasons are behind these series of crimes.

You may recollect I mentioned the 1984 "first" photo of Leanne Walters was altered on the right earlobe

Look close at the right ear in the Nancy Lincoln image you'll see the right earlobe has been altered with a smudge.

Therefore I ask, when was the Nancy Lincoln Internet image first created and first published with the smudged earlobe?

Another point to note is that Ivan Romcek was given the nickname "Sparrow" in the BIA Unwin paperback - Nancy Hanks Lincoln was claimed to be Nancy Sparrow Lincoln until a recent alleged DNA test of someone said to be related to Nancy who has no living descendants, allegedly proved her male parent was Mr Hanks not Mr Sparrow.


Some parasitic low-life scum-bag illegally intercepted DNA test, going to USA or results from USA, for my own male parent (circa 2017) to claim he's Y-DNA related to an Irish (Coffee)  family, a Sydney police family they claim who immigrated from County Cork in 1800s which is furthest south.

There's absolutely no DNA evidence to prove this absurd "police family" link evidently this is Rex Walters DNA family link. I don't have such a DNA link to Ireland if I did have 1/4 Irish ancestry there's little to none prominent evidence of that and none in Southern Ireland, all in the north where mum's mostly Scottish family are from. Appears mum's maternal MacLachlan's moved to north Ireland after Collodden then moved back a generation before they married into the MacGregor Clan then immigrated to Australia. Mum's paternals immigrated to Australia from Abberdeen, Scotland. The lack of Irish DNA for me is significant considering I'm the only female child of my male parent who has same A+ blood group as he has. My mum has northern Ireland Irish links. Closest Irish DNA I have is north west Ireland, Medieval  Kilteasheen, Roscommon Bishops Seat, 650 AD - Genetic Distance: 5.75 of this group I match several. however their ancient origins are the Orkney Islands. My male parent's family are from England. Both sides. Ex prime minister Winston Churchill is listed as one of my famous cousins

My DNA expected me to live in the very cold regions. My parents notices when I was a child that I can't sweat like everyone else. Then these creeps inserted silicone all over me and I sweat like a pig because of that but I still can't lose my excess internal heat from sweating. I have to put ice on my head.

I've been refused my basic human right to have their torture implants removed. At this minute, they're sparking down my spine behind my heart. It feels like I'm being perpetually stabbed with a steel knife blade; and the cables dragging over centre-top of both my my kneecaps that make it painful to walk; and the cables over my elbows than make it painful to put my hand to my mouth; and the cables ...


JGF156 at

Janette Gail Francis

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