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In my seven decades of life in Australia there are several things I've been shown in my many communities that every new and young Australian should know. I'm confident this knowledge will avert many suicides after Australians get to the point of errantly believing they're at fault not the brain-fuked Party Faithful. Knowing the enemy of Australia is the first step to expulsion of our enemy from our soil.


First and foremost: “The Government” can't do any harm to you because that's cemented into legislation with the Federation of the States.


However, the government is like the definition of God – its an invisible construct invented by people and controlled by “public officers” who are always self classified as “The Party Faithful.

In this light its obvious that “The Party Faithful” don't do anything that doesn't benefits them - directly or indirectly - even if it means causing you “The Innocent Bystander” serious harm that is physical. Its in the best interests of “The Party Faithful” to cause you harm to ensure their social status is accelerated or maintained to facilitate the control of “The Government” so “The Party Faithful” are able to use “The Government” as a weapon to harm you.


This is where I slot in. To achieve their perpetuated status as the government controllers “The Party Faithful” have seriously physically harmed me for being their 'targeted victim' therefore there is no logical evidence that would indicate my serious physical harm does not give “The Party Faithful” financial benefit to ensure the perpetuation of my physical torture, despite that this infringes many Australian laws. “The Party Faithful” don't care because they're criminally psychopathic with “delusions of grandeur”.


They, “The Party Faithful” believe – from the evidence of their own words in their own Government documents - they believe they are Government Gods, possessing the Government ordained legal right to say who is (physically or psychologically) tortured and who is 'unjustly enriched' for criminal actions in the false name of “The Government” with Godly ordained right to infringe Australian criminal laws and other statute for their own political or ideological causes..

There is nothing they do that doesn't have a secret benefit to themselves. Even if their own enrichment can't be had without causing pain, suffering or untimely death of any 100% INNOCENT person - such you or me. They are as criminally insane as criminally insane gets. Janette Gail FRANCIS.

Are you honestly content knowing that your government are psychopathic terrorists and therefore, that means you or your loved ones could easily be their next 100% innocent political target as I have been perpetually since 1980 and only because I reported witnessing child sex crimes to State police?

“City of Onkaparinga in 2021 was 175204, living in 75494 dwellings with an average household size of 2.42” 


Logically with “75494 dwellings” that means at least 75,500 registered voters. Sure not every adult is eligible to vote, however there are usually more than one adult person per dwelling therefore, that fact is absorbed by the one dwelling one vote scenario for this exercise.

Of the 75,500 only 32,286 voters returned formal ballot papers for the Onkaparinga City Council election of the new mayor. Of those 32,286 adult persons only 709 persons applied their first preference vote to yours truly.


This was a logical psychology experiment on my part. What this result in fact means literally that of this 32,286 people only 709 are literate and lawful. The remaining 31,577 people are either illiterate or active terrorists in this matter, terrorist sympathisers in this matter.

This council election result also means that over half of the registered voters didn't vote. How can a council legitimately expend State Government taxes (council land rates) operate without majority constitutional authority?


In a democracy they can't.

In a democracy where the majority rule this lack of voluntary votes means the majority have stated loud and clear NO CONFIDENCE in the lawfulness of South Australia State Government.

This 2022 election proves that we don't have democratic government in Australia.

Every website has a story, I'm sure visitors want to hear about the arseholes in government.

I left NSW in 2004 after I was sentenced in the Goulburn NSW local court under criminal law for reporting the break and enter to my residence by NSW police family. That's right – I'd committed no crime but was sentenced as if I had because the magistrate, Mr Rabbage, accepted the claim that police were “offended” by my lawful actions, as argued by NSW police prosecutor Mr Winter who came to Goulburn for this matter, from Canberra ACT.


Intellectually challenged, Mr Winter, presented the court with photos of my "Club" brand steering wheel lock sticker affixed to my Calais. WINTER argued this sticker was "evidence" I was associated with "outlaw motorcycle clubs". The bribed magistrate, Mr Rabbage, accepted that logical absurdity as fact under Australian law. RABBAGE refused my request for extension of time to secure a lawyer to defend me.

If you've ever owned a Club brand steering wheel lock, you'll be aware they used to include a window decal that read "PROTECTED BY THE CLUB".

Despite that all of my recent ancestors had been born in Australia I have no recent Aboriginal Australia ancestors. My last several generations before their 1800s immigration to Australia are from north west Europe. Like all of is I have ancient DNA. According to Archaeogenetics, my ancient DNA comes from Africa, Russia, North America, Indonesia and Australia. I'd imagine the majority of people are the same the only thing that separates us in everything is the percentages.

For example if I chose to be I could be a heartless psychopath, however I choose not to exercise that genetic trait because there is a higher percentage of non psychopath in my DNA. In the Australian governments people are encouraged and rewarded for allowing their psychopathic DNA to dominate their human self.

My first hosted website ( started circa 2005. Melbourne IT cancelled my domain name and website hosting because they host Government websites and the Government were offended that I'd published facts that proved their crimes.

All the crimes against me have resulted because and only BECAUSE I reported witnessing child sex crimes to State police circa 1982.

It was subjected to a dedicated internet forum discussion titled “Australia Sux?!” hosted on involving what present as NSW and South Australia (SA) State Police criminally defaming me claiming I lived in a location I hadn't and was a person I wasn't. They tracked my whereabouts around Adelaide reporting to the forum. They called on others to DdoS attack my website and stalk me to get photos they could publish on the forum. They also stalked my school aged children. They cyber bullied and threatened anyone who defended me or retold their experience with police criminals. This “modus operandi” indicates the high probability of origin of the 2022 DDoS attack on my last hosted website (

This “AUSTRALIA SUX discussion started in December 2005 and ended in April 2007 days before my fifteen year old daughter and myself were criminally ambushed by SA police. I was grievously harmed for defending myself and my daughter from criminal physical assault by the plain clothes Christies Beach SA police who stepped inside a ladies toilet to shove me. I was then falsely arrested on the charge of assaulting the criminals who assaulted me a second and third time after I was falsely arrested. I was acquitted in Adelaide criminal court in December 2007. SA State Court system refused me the right to claim damages for our assaults, false arrest and false imprisonment. SA registered physicians refused to acknowledge my injuries from that assault which included a dislocated shoulder that persisted (agonisingly) for two years until it popped back by itself. I named this website

Another hosted website ( started circa 2007 as one page using my name "" in that one page I branded Australian public officers I'd been assaulted by as "Australia's Taliban" that statement is referenced by State Health Department staff as 'evidence of mental illness'. Its true it is evidence of mental illness - their mental illness. Their handwritten documents in State Health Department records establish as fact that they were / are fixated on my activities in my private life and obsessed and paranoid with delusions of grandeur in their belief they had / have the right to dictate and enforce on me their perverted thoughts and belief systems.

The SA State Health Department called my exposé (publishing facts on what NSW State Government) did to me as "propagandas".

SA State Health Department staff - and SA Police Department staff - and SA Premier & Cabinet staff perverted the course of justice in almost every interaction with me even refusing to acknowledge my NSW Birth Certificate as my own in 2009 - they expressly claimed it was "someone elses birth certificate". They illegally cancelled my commercial class driving licence when I asked police directly to investigate MEDICAL CRIME.

SA State staff and private physicians and my public housing resident neighbour (criminally) invented scenarios involving me that never happened in reality recording that as truth in State Health RECORDS without any lawful authority. They accused me of criminal assaults gun threats without involving the police or a lawful court investigation. They recklessly and wilfully criminally defamed me for their political cause linked to events that happened 1400 kilometres away in the prior decade when unconfirmed public officers attempted my political assassination - several times. But none of that was in my small page first hosted website because I wasn't given copy of the secret documents until 2018 under my direct request and the Freedom of information Act despite that the Privacy Act demands they let me know what the content of the records they had / have on me and outlawed the context of what they had stored.

I started another called “” and “” the reference is to the two political parties that govern Australia in turn in exactly the same manner – as vengeful terrorists – Liberal and Labor. These described how I was illegally imprisoned under Mental Health Act in 2014 at SA State election time.

The first public official verbal (on reason they imprisoned me in 2014 to forced drugged me under threat of more physical violence if I refused their drugs was "You sent a letter to the minister".

The second public official documented reason approved by the Star Chamber Guardianship Tribunal was "You had your rotting teeth removed in 1976 so you might had the illegal implants removed in 2014".

The real first official documented reason was secreted from me until the FOI application in 2018, this was on the grounds that "She made a false sexual assault claim about a 1999 NSW (Labor Party) minister" - I never had this scenario was the Government's own sex fantasy not mine. It appears to have emerge in 2013 from the SA State Premier's office under Jay Wilson WEATHERILL.

My last hosted website was called “” with the separating dash. This is the one the AUSTRALIA administration of Governments illegally targeted for cyber crime on or about Remembrance Day, 11 November 2022. Shadows of Remembrance Day 1975 when I was nineteen (19).

This website had it all. The illegal implants. The falsified Government documents. My 2022 applications Federal Court of Australia who illegally refused to accept my lawful application for damages on DEFAMATION etc and infringements of Australian Consumer Law. The 2019 SA State Supreme court (Master Katrina Bochner) decision illegally refusing to acknowledge my supporting evidence in defamation and Australian Consumer Law. The 2014 Justice Katzmann decision under Copyright Act that supports the FAKE LEANNE WALTERS FAKE DEATH evidence. Evidently this website pushed all their little terrorist's sensitive buttons.

Point to note: “11 November 1975 with the dismissal from office of the prime minister, Gough Whitlam of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), by Governor-General Sir John Kerr, who then commissioned the leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Fraser of the Liberal Party.”

Below are HTML webpage links to my website “” criminally deleted by The Party Faithful on about 11 November 2022.

The Australian GOVERNMENT also illegally deleted ( Canada) my host's back up files and all bar one page in my website. Then subjected that website skeleton to a DDoS attack from about 11 November 2022 to 15 November 2022. The host had extreme difficulty regaining control of my website. The deleted files were not recovered. Only the resources of a Country of terrorist Governments and their false democracy allies in NZ and UK and USA can have such a hold on one website created by one woman who always publishes THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

1984 Sydney NSW Freemason's

ABOVE: 1984 published one of the still living Scotland UK UNWIN sisters in major Sydney AUSTRALIA (Mirror) newspaper.

BELOW: 1989 published by 'Unwin Hyman' family then the 'Allen & Unwin' family from 1990. Janette's stolen visual identity as same fake dead person expressly intended to criminally defame Janette as a whore in retaliation for complaining about Freemason crimes - AUSTRALIA GOVERNMERNT VENDETTA.

BIA S1989 shot Dead Janette in BOOK.png
BIA 1989 Sex License.png
Wanted - Lawyers BIA.png

Party Faithful

AUSTRALIA Government Politically Motivated Cyber Crime:
my saved HTML files from

Until I can give a shit to figure out how to link them as a working HTML these are SOME of the bare links

The above FOLDER LINK includes (in order of - last saved edit first) pages titled thus:

Kaurna Christopher PICTON.html


illegal implants.html


Australians Are Terrorists.html


DAMAGES Unwin Family Scum.html


Onkaparinga City Election 2022.html




BELOW: many people have been tragically shot in the face and lived.


The NSW Government claimed the FAKE Leanne had her jaw partially shot off and died. Its primarily a bullshit excuse considering they also said she still had teeth and only the jaw was gone and an alleged NSW Government Public Officer and registered nurse just happened to be on hand nearby when the fake shooting 'went down'. Gullible public lapped it up.

This is how the ALMOST BANKRUPT Unwin Publishing family described the death of Fake Leanne in the book they hoped would save their company by criminally defaming me as a "cheap little slut" and "bikie moll" etcetera: It didn't they went under due to a long history of mismanagement.

The fake shooting death scene: “But the bullet which hit Leanne came from the top of the carpark, splintering the trunk of a nearby shrub before it hit her. There was no warning, just a faint whistle as it tore through the plant, its force lessened only slightly. It struck her on the chin, ripping her face open below the mouth, leaving the teeth in her upper jaw perfectly intact. The force sent her backwards through the air, lifting her up and throwing her to the ground like a battered mannequin. The bullet lodged itself in her right collarbone. Blood and pieces of her flesh splattered Shifty's shirt before he hit the ground beside her. He saw her body twitch. He grabbed her arm and felt for a pulse. It was faint, and then it was gone."

It obviously was "a battered mannequin" that they were describing.

In the fake coffin scene: "Alabaster-like, Leanne looked like the young woman she never was— fragile, virginal. Light coloured freckles showed through the fine layer of make-up, which stopped before the pad that covered where her jaw fell away. Only her ears betrayed the secret of her violent death. They were bruised and blackened underneath the fine wisps of light brown hair that gently framed her face."

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